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Rustling of the pine trees, scent of the grass and flowers comming through the open window tickles your nose while you are working at the comfort of your home ofice. Eyes while resting are wondering through nurtured lawn and trees’ crowns.
Would you like such an idyll life? We have no doubt sometimes you are dreaming about it. Why wouldn’t make it real?

More and more people setting up their ofices at home. It is obvious,the demand of houses having an ofice at home is very high. If you have a chance to have your own ofice at home in the forest or at the lakeside, what would be your choice?

LINI real estate development group highlights that in Trakai region you can purchase economical, newly build A+ energy rating house for € 39 000. That is not just a real dream but also great investment into your own and your children future.

For those who love and miss forest great choise are houses at the “ Green Valley” offering unique views. You might agree, pleasant nature views, peace and the scent of forest inspires and motivates way more than cold, boring walls of the
ofice, humming noises of the cars coming through an open windows and stressed colleagues’ faces? Maybe it wouldn’t be possible to work from home all the time, but from there you would be returning full of energy, enthusiasm and willingness to share new ideas. Thats the opportunity “Green Valley” estate oers, located only 8km from Trakai and 35km from Vilnius.

“Lakeside Living” houses – for those who cannot live without water activities. If you would have a chance to work from home at the lakeside, you probably would work not only during quarantine, right? Try to imagine this – during the summer months , anytime you wish, you can enjoy swimming in the lake, during winter months, practising ice skating and to go fishing all year round. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, a lot of people think, to purchase real estate with home holding in a new estate is very expensive, and the only cheaper option
available is an old, abandoned site. “LINI Property Development ventures” which develops a project in Trakai County denies these hesitations and proves that it is possible to purchase modern, A+ energy rating house including all the utilities for very reasonable price ( from € 69 000).

All this is not just a summary of the fairy tales, it a reality you can have once you choose to do so. This is the time when prices are very reasonable.

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investavimas i nekilnojama turta

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