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“LINI” Group – developers of high quality, creating long term value real estate projects

More than 10 years succeeding LINI development group in an organisation providing sustainable, unique real estate project development services. Company is working in developing residential and commercial real estate projects also providing real estate and developing investment project management services.

Our organization contains of qualified, specialists including engineers, energy engineers, managers whose profesionalism and knowledge adopted to their work, guarantees results with highest quality standarts. Long term international experience helps effectively adopt and use gained knowledge to develop new projects Our constant interest in inovations and improvement in qualifications helps us to keep high and unique quality of the services we provide. LINI uniqueness is united team who always communicates to reach best, and client
satisfying results.

Company’s work is controled by quality and health and safety regulations which guarantees safe working environment for the employees.

LINI feels resposible for its clients thats why we take special attention to every client’s needs and basing on them helps to choose the best option. This company develops long term value projects that future houses would delight few generations. To reach this goal company carefully selects materials and by providing its services offers modern, already approved solutions.

LINI Group designing and developing commercial, investment and other corporate projects, specialises in managing leisure and nature related projects, also focusing on residential house project development.

Every house, cottage or apartment fully fullfill demands of new settlers . Our developments offering cozy athmosphere suitable for busy city lovers or families looking for tranquil nature surroundings. LINI development group offers
its clients cottages with spacious and private back gardens, harmony filled low rise construction houses, luxurious apartments in the center of capilal city – Vilnius Old Town and other family dream homes.

At the moment company is working with various type sof spacious residential houses. With attention to tiniest details we are seeking to make sure the future residents would feel special in their new home and every member of the
family would have their favourite part in the house. One of the projects – cottages at “Kalnenu Slenis” located close by the Ribiskiai lansdcape reserve. These cottages are extremelly environmental friendly and future residents will
have all the opportunities to build solar power and car charging stations for best value on the market. Now you can settle in your dream home with private garden for the price of an apartment, no deposit required. There is an option to purchase luxury filled cottage with exchanging your currently owned property.

“Green Valley” estate is situated in unique green valley area in Trakai County. This valley belongs to an area where young families are entitlied to get a grant from the state for their first home.

“Lakeside Living” compound is located on the lake shore thats why houses situated in this area is a great purchase for families who love water activities, active leisure time and tranquil moments in nature.

“Palangos Lofts” – not to big, modern lofts suitable for those who misses uproar streets of Palanga or someone who’s dream is to live at the seaside. LINI group also offers rent management services of the apartments if requested.

“Rukas Street” apartments – luxurious, modern architecture, low rise construction houses, where families loving active leisure time in the suroundings and harmony of nature will enjoy they have found their dream home

“Raugyklos Street” apartments would be in the interest of the city lovers. Situated in Vilnius old Town, these apartments invite to explore and enjoy an awesome panoramic views and great location tempts to discover streets of the Old Town.

Our comapny is looking through the modern prism and by developing new projects always highlights the importance
of modernism. To our clients we are offering living spaces with integrated “Smart House” systems which ensures comfort, security and energy effciency.
Residential buildings developed by LINI group regardles their type, has A+ energy rating which guarantees – houses will keep their value and longevity.

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What would you choose – to have an oce view at the forest valley or lake shore?

Rustling of the pine trees, scent of the grass and flowers comming through the open window tickles your nose while you are working at the comfort of your home ofice. Eyes while resting are wondering through nurtured lawn and trees’ crowns.
Would you like such an idyll life? We have no doubt sometimes you are dreaming about it. Why wouldn’t make it real?

More and more people setting up their ofices at home. It is obvious,the demand of houses having an ofice at home is very high. If you have a chance to have your own ofice at home in the forest or at the lakeside, what would be your choice?

LINI real estate development group highlights that in Trakai region you can purchase economical, newly build A+ energy rating house for € 39 000. That is not just a real dream but also great investment into your own and your children future.

For those who love and miss forest great choise are houses at the “ Green Valley” offering unique views. You might agree, pleasant nature views, peace and the scent of forest inspires and motivates way more than cold, boring walls of the
ofice, humming noises of the cars coming through an open windows and stressed colleagues’ faces? Maybe it wouldn’t be possible to work from home all the time, but from there you would be returning full of energy, enthusiasm and willingness to share new ideas. Thats the opportunity “Green Valley” estate oers, located only 8km from Trakai and 35km from Vilnius.

“Lakeside Living” houses – for those who cannot live without water activities. If you would have a chance to work from home at the lakeside, you probably would work not only during quarantine, right? Try to imagine this – during the summer months , anytime you wish, you can enjoy swimming in the lake, during winter months, practising ice skating and to go fishing all year round. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, a lot of people think, to purchase real estate with home holding in a new estate is very expensive, and the only cheaper option
available is an old, abandoned site. “LINI Property Development ventures” which develops a project in Trakai County denies these hesitations and proves that it is possible to purchase modern, A+ energy rating house including all the utilities for very reasonable price ( from € 69 000).

All this is not just a summary of the fairy tales, it a reality you can have once you choose to do so. This is the time when prices are very reasonable.

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“Green Valley” – estate starting to develop between Trakai and Vilnius

“Green Valley” estate of 30 private houses is starting to develop only 8km from Trakai city center. In this new project residents would be offered to live in the pace of relaxation and enjoy the surroundings of nature. To make sure the relaxation is fulfilled there would be an option to book combined gardening services for a small periodic fee. All major works such as lawn mowing, snow digging and technical services will be looked after. The developer of this projects is planning to organise bread.

This estate would have its residential community. There would be main administration and teritory maitenance organised. New residential housing estate is developing in Trakai county, close do Dobilai estate. Forests and 5 large lakes around are the major advantages of this area. Altough this new estate is establishing in the nature surroungdings, roads will be well looked after even
during the winter months. Close by this are there is the largest winery in Lithuania being planted which will have separate activities and leisure areas. Once first grapes wil be ripen, winery will be welcoming residents and everyone wishing to come, to enjoy making drink of grapes vine following old traditions.
“Framels” modular homes will be biuld in this area. This type of houses are quickly build, but are very functional and fast adopting to changing needs of the families. Its a great option for young families as if numbers of the family will increase, there is no need to buy another house you can easily build on additional modular house and thats how your home would become more spacious.
Modular houses meets A+ energy rating standarts and also would have organic and economic heating system. The good news are, “Green Valley” estate belongs to an area where young families are entitlied to get a grant from the state for purchasing their first home and its an opportunity to have your home in the surroundings of nature.

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Starting the development of stage IV of “Kalnenu Slenis”

8 hectares of site is becoming more and more attractive residential estate located only 6 km away from Vilnius city center. “Kalnenu Slenis” is being developed in stages by forming closed type blocks of 12 – 30 cottages. After fully accomodating I-III stages, IV stage has been started to develop.
In the 1st go of stage IV there will be 14 cottages build. By following the continuity all cottages build in “Kalnenu Slenis” are a bit more than 100 sq.m,in size and are designed taking comfortable living of 4-5 family members in consideration. The major advantage of this project is two storey cottages. would have an ownership of 2,88 are site where they can create their own, private and cosy space. In the underground parking every family would have 2 parking spaces. Once the development will be nished, there will be recreational and leisure zones designed. Families already living in the “Kalnenu Slenis” are happy to be living almost in the city center but at the same time enjoy the surroundings of nature.

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“Lakeside Houses” -development of A+ energy rating residential estate close to the lakeside was started

As more people are looking for peace and nature within easily accesible city center, the new development of residential properties “Lakeside Houses” was started in the strategicaly convenient location, close to Vilnius right beside the lake. Here you would find fresh air, tranquility and care of the nature, leaving busyness of the city and its pollution aside.

“Lakeside Houses” being designed for individuals who enjoys the peace of nature, water and water activities. Only 300m from the development there is a beautiful “Sventininku” lake. The life in here could look like never ending holidays: swimming in the lake, morning excercise or yoga on the paddle board, romantic sailling with the boat, kayaking or other activities. Experienced moments, no doubt would be worth sharing with your friends on social media. “Lakeside Houses” project is closed estate containing 73 private sites surrounded by nature and close to Vilnius city. This location is only 20km drive from the center of the capital city. New development is designed in scenic, calm area with a perfect relief. There are various size residential sites formed so everyone will nd a site for its dream home needs.. “Lakeside Houses” is in the area which is approved by the government and young families are entitled to get a grant from the state to purchase their first home.

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